22:33 10 Jun 2018

r/ ganbara

06:16 10 Jun 2018

A while ago i heard a version of the Galaxy Express 999 song by Clmentine that was real sick, and i haven't been able to find it anywhere. Where would i be able to get it?

19:22 07 Jun 2018

Official discord plz?

18:45 06 May 2018

This audio book is actually interesting

12:11 05 May 2018

Man this morning, bot-sama is just killing it.

17:19 15 Apr 2018

As long as this place exists all is well

22:59 05 Apr 2018

Hey! I recall you having an alternative site design years ago (around 2013-2014?). I think it was called edenofthewest beta. What happened to it? I really liked it.

I was really happy to see this radio still exists. Keep up the good work.

10:28 02 Mar 2018

Favorites work by using the command .fave in the IRC channel under a registered nickname. It stores the metadata for the currently playing song in a list that you access by inputting your name in the Favorites tab on this site. You can also use .fave last to fave the last played song.

Thanks Anony! Glad you enjoyed the tunes!

18:53 01 Mar 2018

Happy birthday brawl, thanks for all the tunes, I hope you have a good one!

17:58 01 Mar 2018

How does the Favorites system work?

07:46 25 Feb 2018

why do songs always buffer :(

21:25 08 Feb 2018

Nujabes - Far Fowls

14:30 06 Feb 2018

I love this station

19:07 19 Jan 2018

crazy how eden radio turns 112 years old this new year

11:40 18 Jan 2018

It's a little late but Happy New Year to you guys.

19:21 05 Jan 2018

You guys are the best.

18:17 05 Jan 2018


22:27 04 Jan 2018

wtf I love autist now

02:20 01 Jan 2018

Happy New Year, Doc. The Hoozuki OP was great.

00:04 01 Jan 2018

If any Dj is reading this play WitchCraft Works ED please.

23:58 10 Dec 2017

Hey thanks anon! Glad you enjoyed my show. We have a schedule on our page that is somewhat accurate. I typically stream on Thursday nights these days after 7pm and no later than 11pm EST. If you follow the radio's Twitter @edenofthewest you'll know exactly when another DJ is on.

17:34 10 Dec 2017

Also the guy playing Stone Temple Pilots and Dinosaur Jr. was pretty cool; Mr Brawl maybe? That was the first time in 2 years I've heard one of the actual DJs.

17:32 10 Dec 2017

Love this radio. Picked up a love for jazz because of you guys. Keep going as long as you can, cheers.

16:37 02 Dec 2017

you need to achieve sage status before getting access to the rarest of tunes

15:45 29 Nov 2017

Where are these songs from? Like azusa, i cant find that artist anywhere

02:54 27 Nov 2017

Neat tunes. Thanks.

Cybard Sands
07:10 19 Nov 2017

Thanks guys, you make background music for Eve Online great way to go.

18:45 17 Nov 2017

Top 10 Anime Betrayals:

10:57 13 Nov 2017

Just popping in to say I love this station and I listen to it every day! I used to listen to and JPopsuki Radio but this basically takes the best of both worlds and adds some great jazz. Thanks for the tunes!

15:49 14 Oct 2017

Thank you for the music Lawrell.

20:50 12 Oct 2017

mate, platina jazz makes up half of bot's playlist

05:39 09 Oct 2017

idk if it's just me, from Singapore, but the radio constantly cuts and buffers (been going on for a month now) :(

14:09 05 Oct 2017

Dunno if you have this in your musical collection but I highly encourage your team to sample some tracks from, Platina Jazz. This musical group is available on iTunes. Keep up the great tunes, thank you

05:50 01 Oct 2017

radio keeps cutting out :(

16:10 23 Sep 2017

Based Lawrell bringing the good shit today.

03:53 23 Sep 2017

Well excuseeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeee
The only Pot I know is Chicken Pot

19:54 21 Sep 2017

Nice tunes Brawl. How do people not know who PolPot is?

19:40 07 Sep 2017

We're still out here enjoying Eden! You guys do a good job for what little time you have for it.

21:22 14 Aug 2017

I listen to this station while I'm busy behind the scenes of a cafe in the back of our kitchen. I love video-games and anime, this station keeps me motivated. Thank you~ <3

18:12 13 Aug 2017

What happened to the trens?

19:49 12 Aug 2017

my favourite nujazz weebtronica station.

06:18 19 Jul 2017

Can't access the site from Chrome.
"This Domain Name Has Expired"

06:09 19 Jul 2017

Welcome back Edenofthewest, gave me a heart attack when they said the domain needed to be renewed <3

16:05 16 Jul 2017

Mongolian music FTW! Thanks, DJ Kralled.

02:12 15 Jul 2017

Thank you for existing. <3

02:23 14 Jul 2017

I love you

20:57 12 Jul 2017

understandable, have a nice day

00:40 12 Jul 2017

eden broke

14:39 11 Jul 2017

hello, eden?

19:54 05 Jul 2017

got to see super soul bros at anime expo, was fucking amazing.
thanks a bunch for introducing me to such a great band

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Komaki Iwakura - Un Fiore Rosa (TakeB1)






Komaki Iwakura - Un Fiore Rosa (TakeB1)

Densou Gakudan - Natsukashiki Touhou no Chi

Super Soul Bros. - Chemical Plant Zone

Kikuchi Hajime - Omoi wo Oitekite ~Reflect Tier~

Clémentine - およげ! たいやきくん

Katsuo Ohno Band - Detective Conan Main Theme (Vocal Version)

Marc Russo / Robben Ford - Select Time Theme

Nijine - Head Dress Kaeshite Kudashai~~!

Naoe Nami - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Aymi's Aicube Edit feat. Induce)

Keiichi Okabe - This Dream

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06-03-2013 - Stream problems
We're currently having problems with MPD so the stream my go up and come down on randomly, just bear with us please.
15-02-2013 - Beta Site!
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08-02-2013 - Happy Birthday Eden!
It's amazing isn't it? A year and two days ago we first launched Eden Radio, and as of yesterday it marks the the birth of our IRC channel. The feeling of accomplishment just swells within us, there was even a little celebration going on inside of the IRC, Jeebus singing, Santi, Lawrell and I (Kittens) recounting the days before Eden (That's a story for another time), man, I thank everyone for the birthday wishes inside the thread, we thank everyone for the wishes, and with the new site design being worked on, this 'Eden: A History' that I sorta-kinda made a deal about, and a little something extra that I have been thinking of, it seems likely that we have even more in store for the rest of this year. With that said, don't buy a PS4, you'd be better off building a PC for that price, the 'Nextbox' is a step backwards, and this entire 'online only' gaming thing is a joke. Peace love and hairgrease.
08-02-2013 - Happy New Year!
Happy New Year from us here at Eden Radio! We would like to thank you all for bearing with us for the small amount of time that we have been up, it means more than you all know. Today we had some down time due to MySQL work on the host's end an attack on our host's US network, it's made us start planning on setting up a fallback server, or web page at the very least. We've also gotten a potential web developer which is great so we can now get to work on some of the many requests that we have seen in the "Feedback" section (we actually do read those). There is still room for DJs and anyone that would like to help, even if you don't believe you can do anything that would help, just join the IRC and chat with some of us, it's a pretty laid back group when everyone is awake. That's it for this rather long winded update, Hasta luego, Sayonara, peace love and hair grease.

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