02:52 12 Feb 2016

Hey zadyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Everyone spam Kappa in the chat
10:30 11 Feb 2016


Shit I'm not good at not using the intended purpose of the comment box
11:59 01 Feb 2016

Now see name

01:06 01 Feb 2016

See comment

Play Snake Eater Theme
14:10 30 Jan 2016

See name.

19:45 27 Jan 2016


02:48 26 Jan 2016

*app D: !

02:47 26 Jan 2016

It would be nice if there was an appointment just for this glorious channel :)

00:03 26 Jan 2016


07:43 18 Jan 2016

This shit is straight fire.

17:47 16 Jan 2016

You rock, Lawrell. Never change.

19:57 13 Jan 2016


I don't know if you are around anymore, and don't know if this is the song you're looking for, but it'd fit the criteria and I myself remember discovering it trough Eden anyway.
I hope it's the one.

23:37 08 Jan 2016

Thanks for tuning in. As a reminder, at least when I'm on deck, you can pop into the IRC and give requests if there's something fitting that you'd like to hear.

22:59 08 Jan 2016

DocMK i luv the music you play <33333

08:55 07 Jan 2016

I'm not sure if this is allowed here, it's more of a request than feedback. There is a song that plays on here sometimes which was sung by a girl and the only part of the lyrics that I remember is that she would repeat 'sensei' often. If you could help me find the title of this song I would be very grateful.

23:29 02 Jan 2016

JackTheStripper: Many thanks, man, glad you dig! Belated Merry Xmas to you, too!

Anon 1: Eden is based in the US, though we stream wherever!

Dexuz: Thanks man! Will do!

Anon: I'm not a huge fan of it either. I'll see about removing it.

Everyone else: Happy New Year, papa bless!

Coolio the Great
16:02 02 Jan 2016

Happy late New Year Eden Radio!

00:04 01 Jan 2016

you guys are great happy new years god bless

11:03 31 Dec 2015

1st comment of the year haha happy new year Eden!

02:19 31 Dec 2015

hey eden is pretty gr8 but yoshi's stuffed voice is annoying as heck I'm sure a lot of people like it tho js

11:51 29 Dec 2015

i love Eden i started listening yesterday and its great!!!! keep it up!

Anon 1
13:45 27 Dec 2015

Where is Eden based From?

00:26 25 Dec 2015

You're streams are the fucking best McBrawl. Merry Christmas.

14:11 16 Dec 2015

Yes! Chopin! Perfect for the end of a day at work. Thank you, autist. ^^

17:16 11 Dec 2015

You played me like a damn fiddle!

21:54 07 Dec 2015

>would be cool if there was a way to favorite songs that you like by clicking a button. I keep on hearing stuff I like and then forgetting what the track was called later.

If you join our IRC and make a unique nickname, you can favorite songs and later go to the "Favorites" tab to look them up.

16:01 05 Dec 2015

I love your relaxing music. You guys have great taste in jazz and piano music. Can't stand the rap though. Can't please em all, eh? Keep up the great work.

18:45 28 Nov 2015

Great jazz selection. Thank you.

04:57 28 Nov 2015

would be cool if there was a way to favorite songs that you like by clicking a button. I keep on hearing stuff I like and then forgetting what the track was called later.

Kazuhira Miller
10:54 27 Nov 2015

The best is yet to come metal gear thank you

01:07 10 Nov 2015

tanks for the 6 hour stream DJ autist see you next week!

03:21 06 Nov 2015


I sucked dick on the way to the parking lot
17:45 05 Nov 2015

and i liked it.

07:39 04 Nov 2015

@One Punch Dude
17:14 02 Nov 2015

You can tell your friends who may be interested in it. At this point word of mouth is the best way to spread the word.

One Punch Dude
17:14 02 Nov 2015

How can we get Eden Radio how listeners? I've noticed an average of about 30-40 a day.

This is a highly underrated website. It deceivers to be more popular.

18:15 31 Oct 2015

Only on Halloween, I promise! On any other day this song is too terrifying to play.

18:04 31 Oct 2015

Geinoh Yamashirogumi - ??
pls remove this shit

02:22 30 Oct 2015

Because I only fuck the music. I make it cum.

Spread Eagle Cross The Block
20:38 29 Oct 2015

MrBrawl, why are you so sexy and why haven't we made sweet passionate love yet?

10:38 29 Oct 2015

Did Bot-sama get in an accident?

21:17 28 Oct 2015

First Anon, no, I do not have a higher quality version of me singing that song. I was thinking of making a high quality one for this Xmas, though, so keep an eye out for it come December.

Second Anon, man's gotta bust his nut, know what I'm sayin? ( ¬?¬)
Anyway, threads are hard to come by because Jewt's influence persists. Stream threads have been b& since summer 2013 or so and it doesn't seem things are changing quite yet. We tried a few times recently after An Hiro came aboard, but almost every thread has been deleted prematurely. We're still lying low for now.

Third anon, it is not confirmed, but do tune in on Saturday afternoon for Lawrell's stream (check schedule). He mentioned the possibility of spooky tunes then.

Avid Listener, the app you can use is called TuneIn Radio. You can also try the Anime Radio app if that doesn't work for you, but I'd recommend TuneIn.

Avid Listener
18:10 28 Oct 2015

Hey what is the name of the app I can listen to you guys on?

17:30 28 Oct 2015

Will halloween have spooky music?

10:02 28 Oct 2015

Yeah anon, we do still make threads, sometimes on /a/ , sometimes on /v/ and even /mu/, I can't comment on the sucking the phallic objects however, I ain't no queer, most DJs, like MrBrawl, Zady, and Lawrell, make threads, they may not last as long as they used to due to them being deleted when found, but they do exist, you can watch our twitter for more up-to-date information on that.

04:09 27 Oct 2015

whats the deal with dick sucking on eden main page ? are you fags or what ?
Also question, do you guy make threads on /a/ anymore ? i think its months, if not years, since i saw eden thread on /a/

19:06 26 Oct 2015

Hey MrBrawl, do you have a higher quality of this

01:53 19 Oct 2015


23:01 15 Oct 2015


Coolio the Great
22:48 15 Oct 2015


Coolio the Great
22:30 15 Oct 2015

It was indeed a good time. ;)

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Maaya Sakamoto - Cloud 9

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Witness - Hope Springs Eternal

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We're currently having problems with MPD so the stream my go up and come down on randomly, just bear with us please.
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