Cybard Sands
07:10 19 Nov 2017

Thanks guys, you make background music for Eve Online great way to go.

18:45 17 Nov 2017

Top 10 Anime Betrayals:

10:57 13 Nov 2017

Just popping in to say I love this station and I listen to it every day! I used to listen to and JPopsuki Radio but this basically takes the best of both worlds and adds some great jazz. Thanks for the tunes!

15:49 14 Oct 2017

Thank you for the music Lawrell.

20:50 12 Oct 2017

mate, platina jazz makes up half of bot's playlist

05:39 09 Oct 2017

idk if it's just me, from Singapore, but the radio constantly cuts and buffers (been going on for a month now) :(

14:09 05 Oct 2017

Dunno if you have this in your musical collection but I highly encourage your team to sample some tracks from, Platina Jazz. This musical group is available on iTunes. Keep up the great tunes, thank you

05:50 01 Oct 2017

radio keeps cutting out :(

16:10 23 Sep 2017

Based Lawrell bringing the good shit today.

03:53 23 Sep 2017

Well excuseeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeee
The only Pot I know is Chicken Pot

19:54 21 Sep 2017

Nice tunes Brawl. How do people not know who PolPot is?

19:40 07 Sep 2017

We're still out here enjoying Eden! You guys do a good job for what little time you have for it.

21:22 14 Aug 2017

I listen to this station while I'm busy behind the scenes of a cafe in the back of our kitchen. I love video-games and anime, this station keeps me motivated. Thank you~ <3

18:12 13 Aug 2017

What happened to the trens?

19:49 12 Aug 2017

my favourite nujazz weebtronica station.

06:18 19 Jul 2017

Can't access the site from Chrome.
"This Domain Name Has Expired"

06:09 19 Jul 2017

Welcome back Edenofthewest, gave me a heart attack when they said the domain needed to be renewed <3

16:05 16 Jul 2017

Mongolian music FTW! Thanks, DJ Kralled.

02:12 15 Jul 2017

Thank you for existing. <3

02:23 14 Jul 2017

I love you

20:57 12 Jul 2017

understandable, have a nice day

00:40 12 Jul 2017

eden broke

14:39 11 Jul 2017

hello, eden?

19:54 05 Jul 2017

got to see super soul bros at anime expo, was fucking amazing.
thanks a bunch for introducing me to such a great band

17:50 24 Jun 2017

u just mad t_papasmurf won't love you

17:02 24 Jun 2017


00:39 24 Jun 2017

Shut up baby I know it.

23:23 23 Jun 2017

Autist i love you

00:22 20 Jun 2017

DJ autist is the best DJ

04:00 12 Jun 2017

Enjoying this a lot, thanks a lot!

21:53 08 Jun 2017

When is autist going to do another dance party stream?

00:50 05 Jun 2017

i love autist like an autistic brother

23:25 15 May 2017

autist is my best friend we hang out on the playground everyday after special ed class

13:49 13 May 2017

06:00 04 May 2017
Eden's 8chan site is down :(

We've killed the 8ch board, please press F to pay respects.

06:00 04 May 2017

Eden's 8chan site is down :(

20:20 02 May 2017

Just a couple music things I think'd fit well with the vibes here.
Gravity Rush 1/2 OST
Persona 5
The World God Only Knows OST (This might just be my fanboyism for the series, but I adore the music)
Mario 3D World OST (possibly other recent nintendo stuff with that jazzy/big band thing they did for a while)

not sure if you guys take reccs but hey

01:06 02 May 2017

Good shit guys thanks for the music

09:57 01 May 2017

its been down since midnight CST, so 10 hours as of current

19:05 30 Apr 2017

Snoman I love you.

22:40 24 Apr 2017

Pretty sure the track you have labeled as Jun Maeda - sousei is wrong, the song is by Magome Togoshi.

16:23 24 Apr 2017

Seems as if it's currently down.

22:05 17 Apr 2017

Currently there is a no way to get a complete list of what's in our database, sorry friend. Thanks for listening to and enjoying the site, though!

15:30 17 Apr 2017

I really love this website, plz never take it down. also, is there a way to get a list of all the songs bot sama plays?

13:01 10 Apr 2017

They used to have that for a while but i guess there was just too much garbage submitted

10:23 09 Apr 2017

Should have a submission area for people to submit songs to the bot (like r/a/dio's stream but I still like eden more)

15:19 02 Apr 2017

Dj khaleeeed on eden

13:59 01 Apr 2017

Nice airhorn

19:25 26 Mar 2017

Keep it up Snoman. I am almost reaching nirvana :3

14:23 21 Mar 2017

What's up with the stream always being down?

17:15 19 Mar 2017

Is this site dead? No DJs ever go on anymore.

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Norm Stockton - Send In The Clowns






Norm Stockton - Send In The Clowns

Sophia Symphony Orchestra - "Carmen": Habanera

ミト - I should be …

halc - Choose Your Name Wisely (EarthBound)

Ootake Kaoruko - BLACK VELVET ~Comical~

Skotein - Red’s Journey (the Road To Cerulean City)

Super Soul Bros. - Your Name Please (bonus track)

taste - Makka na Chikai

あさき - 万物快楽理論

Shag - Kamaro's Dance/Swordsman's School

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We're currently having problems with MPD so the stream my go up and come down on randomly, just bear with us please.
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