23:15 25 Mar 2015

Actually, I'm getting word from Supreme Overlord Kittens that Tunein radio is a better app to use. Same procedure; get it and search for us!

11:37 25 Mar 2015

You can listen in on your phone, Anon. Just find us on the Anime Radio app. We're also working on our very own Eden app, still in development. Sorry to hear about all the computer troubles! Been there, done that, sucks ass.

02:17 25 Mar 2015

So I've been listening to eden since day 1 and for the past 3 months my desktops been broken and my laptop doesn't have a sound card. I miss you guys :( send help

13:00 24 Mar 2015

Less Rap, more Anime songs! :)

00:44 21 Mar 2015

Hope Google translator for French is OK:

Merci pour couter! Nous sommes trs heureux que vous apprciez notre radio!

17:27 20 Mar 2015

J' ai dcouvert ce site par hasard caar avec ma collgue , on peu couter la radio sur notre lieu de travail .
On adore , vous mettez de la belle musique , elle est relaxante et calme .
merci ( thank you )

05:12 16 Mar 2015

@Lawrell/Brawl - Although I will always love Bot-sama (Praise be to Bot-sama), every time I tune in and see one of you two DJing, it's always a great day. Eden has become my best study music

14:50 15 Mar 2015

I've never used the name Demdy. So no.
And I was just pointing out that it might be awkward when the time only says "7PM" when that could literally be more or less whenever.
Thanks for pointing out EST and linking the schedule.

14:38 15 Mar 2015

Demdy dat u?

The schedule is a continuous WIP, seeing as us fucks can't seem to keep a truly consistent schedule. The most consistent schedule-keepers are Lawrell and DocMK. Lawrell usually goes on at 4pm EST until 10p or midnight on Saturday afternoons, while Doc usually gets on Friday nights later in the evening. zady's next most consistent, usually doing Sunday's from 4p-12a EST, and then kittens/DJ Cheshire on Wednesday nights around 10:30p EST.

Then there's me and my work/depression schedule is so erratic that I never have a set time anymore. If I don't work Saturday nights, I stream after Lawrell, or I get on Thursday or Tuesday nights around 7 or 8p EST.

Hope this helps. Thanks for listening! Glad we could help you discover new music.

Here's the WIP schedule as well, btw.

14:28 15 Mar 2015

I must say i am truly grateful for all the delicious jazz and other various songs you have helped me find over the years.

Also i don't know if the schedule is currently active but seriously. Make it say what timezone.

21:51 10 Mar 2015

I will admit I'm infrequent to this site but I will also say I love it! keep up the amazing work! <3

00:33 10 Mar 2015

Anon who complimented me on my voice: Thank you!

Umy, we miss you! Come back!

Other anons and Scatterbrain, glad you like us!

Gay anon idk.

20:55 08 Mar 2015

I don't even watch anime but I love this site.

12:53 07 Mar 2015

who /gay/ here

16:03 02 Mar 2015

Love the music. Keep up the good work.

15:15 24 Feb 2015

I'm a random person who found your radio via Google and man your music is AWESOME. I've been studying to it all day. Thanks based Bot-sama.

04:34 23 Feb 2015

I'm flattered you're still using my design, it's been years!

10:55 22 Feb 2015

19:33 19 Feb 2015

While in our IRC channel you can enter ".fave", a command which adds the currently playing song to your Favorites list. [There's ".fave last" which is for the previous playing song]

In the Favorites page you can find a list of songs you've favorited for future reference.

Try searching for my name on there to see songs I've favorited as an example.

19:33 19 Feb 2015

What does 'Favourites' do?

21:33 13 Feb 2015

Brawl I love your voice, it's so soothing.

09:48 07 Feb 2015

Awesome site that is near perfect for my music taste, yeahh

04:36 05 Feb 2015

01:21 05 Feb 2015

Mind your [spoiler]capitalization[/what_am_I_doing,_trying_to_spoiler_in_a_comment_box].

01:21 05 Feb 2015

Vielen dank mein neger.

00:15 05 Feb 2015

Would be awesome if you could throw in some recent anime soundtracks. If you need any of the files for them please contact me at

22:13 03 Feb 2015

02:01 02 Feb 2015

Sorry for the late response anon. Here's a folder with all of the Rasmus Faber Anime Standards albums. Enjoy!!gIdASL4Z!hN7GzaslTRpt40DjtUDUXA

02:01 02 Feb 2015

Is there anywhere i can get the songs from Rasmus faber?

23:16 31 Jan 2015

MrBrawl is a great Dj

23:23 28 Jan 2015

DJplayswhateverthefuckhewants so gud

12:13 25 Jan 2015

Jazz here is out of the world. Best radio to play in background.

23:40 22 Jan 2015

This site is amazing. It's perfect to put on while studying, reading manga, or just sitting back and relaxing. Keep up the good work guys!

Kirito-kun the strongest gamer
09:02 21 Jan 2015

I love you onichan.

12:23 20 Jan 2015

LAWRELL and MR BRAWL you guys KNOW you want to play Kana Hanazawa's new single Cocytus (??????) produced by YAKUSHIMARU ETSUKO! Can you fuckin believe that shit??? What a perfect world we live in...

13:22 14 Jan 2015

@Anonymous with Opera problems: the new web player uses the HTML5 <audio> tag. Since the stream uses MP3, this is an issue for any browser that doesn't support MP3 audio. Fortunately, there are basically no browsers that don't support it nowadays. Make sure your Opera is up to date, and if it still doesn't let you play MP3, I'm guessing it's an OS issue.

Noth Barnatsn
12:24 09 Jan 2015

I listen to your radio at the app called ''Anime Radio'', So far, I love what I ear there, and just wanted to share my enjoyment of your station! Thanks for the music!

22:57 08 Jan 2015

What's up with "Your browser very probably can't play mp3 streams! Stop using Opera."? It used to work just fine. I use Opera for my private stuff (like music streaming) at work, I really don't have any other option.

15:38 08 Jan 2015

Tanx papa santi!

15:59 07 Jan 2015

thank mr sandy

01:45 04 Jan 2015

Jeez that last comment was from me, I apologize for the autocorrect on my phone!

01:40 04 Jan 2015

Man I love this radio, when I first started listening I did every single day. I don't know you by u stopped but I'm back to listening whenever I have time. I find it very hard to sleep but listening yo the jazz and other calming music really helps me! I really appreciate all of the hard work of the staff.

19:04 03 Jan 2015

Yo, greetings from Argentina. Your radio is really good

23:44 24 Dec 2014

Yo Cheshire your music isn't shit but your connection sure is don't stream if it's going to just constantly fuck up

20:54 22 Dec 2014

A mobile app would be awesome. *_*

12:51 20 Dec 2014

found this site on a demo d stream. been listening to it for more than 24 hours straight. 10/10

00:33 20 Dec 2014

App for mobile would be pretty cool although not sure how you guys would handle offline

20:24 13 Dec 2014

Lawrell is my waifu
I really love this radio

05:14 12 Dec 2014

would it be possible to make a app for mobile

18:24 10 Dec 2014

Bot-Sama best dj
u aint got nothing on him, brawl

02:23 10 Dec 2014

Sorry Anon, that's kinda what we're about, but we are diversifying in all directions chill and relaxing.

05:57 08 Dec 2014

there is way too much jazz music being played >_<

18:38 06 Dec 2014

No public database, Anon.

Other Anon, I know right? It's addicting.

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加藤達也 - 幸せな時間






加藤達也 - 幸せな時間

Kaoru Wada - "Giselle": Giselle's Entrance

Rasmus Faber - Galaxy Express 999

Choro Club feat. Senoo - AQUA

Ooshima Michiru - Barairo no Campus Life

Masuda Toshio - Yuukyuu

へっぽこ六弦使い - アコギでニコニコの人気曲を色々演奏してみた Part2

猫叉Master - CALL

Shoji Meguro - Heaven

Ootani Kou - Tabiji

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We're currently having problems with MPD so the stream my go up and come down on randomly, just bear with us please.
15-02-2013 - Beta Site!
You see that thing up there on the top right of the screen? You'd best click it! That's the new site we've been working on in secret, but it's time for some crowd feedback! Play with it! Mess with it! Let us know what you think in the feedback section! Your opinions matter more than anyone! Even Jebus'!
08-02-2013 - Happy Birthday Eden!
It's amazing isn't it? A year and two days ago we first launched Eden Radio, and as of yesterday it marks the the birth of our IRC channel. The feeling of accomplishment just swells within us, there was even a little celebration going on inside of the IRC, Jeebus singing, Santi, Lawrell and I (Kittens) recounting the days before Eden (That's a story for another time), man, I thank everyone for the birthday wishes inside the thread, we thank everyone for the wishes, and with the new site design being worked on, this 'Eden: A History' that I sorta-kinda made a deal about, and a little something extra that I have been thinking of, it seems likely that we have even more in store for the rest of this year. With that said, don't buy a PS4, you'd be better off building a PC for that price, the 'Nextbox' is a step backwards, and this entire 'online only' gaming thing is a joke. Peace love and hairgrease.
08-02-2013 - Happy New Year!
Happy New Year from us here at Eden Radio! We would like to thank you all for bearing with us for the small amount of time that we have been up, it means more than you all know. Today we had some down time due to MySQL work on the host's end an attack on our host's US network, it's made us start planning on setting up a fallback server, or web page at the very least. We've also gotten a potential web developer which is great so we can now get to work on some of the many requests that we have seen in the "Feedback" section (we actually do read those). There is still room for DJs and anyone that would like to help, even if you don't believe you can do anything that would help, just join the IRC and chat with some of us, it's a pretty laid back group when everyone is awake. That's it for this rather long winded update, Hasta luego, Sayonara, peace love and hair grease.

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