19:34 06 Jul 2015

just want to pop in and say that autist pls is a great dj and i appreciate the new music. it is RIGHT up my alley.

19:23 05 Jul 2015

Any chance we'll get a history tab which could act the same as the last play but just over a week so that we could go back and look for a song that was played a previous night etc.

20:25 04 Jul 2015

Urist is a fantastic dj and would love to hear more from him. [2]

23:05 27 Jun 2015

Urist is a fantastic dj and would love to hear more from him.

17:45 27 Jun 2015

Thanks for the kind words and the feedback, Andrew!

We're working on some serious content overhaul changes since we've noticed it getting a bit stale, too. Bot-sama operates on a randomized playlist, as in, shuffling the entirety of our database into one playlist. Once that's done, it generates another one and starts all over again through every song we have at random. As we continue to diversify it, you'll hopefully start noticing new tracks. I know I'm definitely lacking in the contribution department at the moment, but I hope to change that very soon!

10:22 27 Jun 2015

So, I listen a lot (Eden is basically my study/around the house music), and I've started to notice Bot-Sama's repeats. How much work would it be for yall to add some more material to Bot-Sama's playlist?

On another note, DocMK and Brawl, seriously, you guy's rock. Tuning in and hearing you guys stream makes it a good day

22:20 26 Jun 2015

I forget about this place from time to time, but I always seem to drift back to it.
Pretty fucking chill ass shit, if you ask me

19:48 25 Jun 2015

nice 1 santi :^)

19:16 25 Jun 2015

I was listening and all of a sudden some shitty rap was on and i was waiting for it to end and then some dead grip or something came on and it was so bad, sorry, i cant listen to that

19:44 07 Jun 2015

Mr. Brawl I love your voice, it's so smooth and calming. N-no homo.

22:05 06 Jun 2015


don't worry mrbrole is an fag

02:25 06 Jun 2015

@MrBrawl (from a few weeks ago now cough):

There's no need to defend anything... I was merely saying it was not to my taste in music. It's a feedback form, and there do not seem to be any hard coded rules about what to leave here. Hence, I just left my feedback about the choices in music at the time. Perhaps I worded it too disrespectfully. I just kind of phase out when anyone on a radio starts talking, so I don't even notice what DJ is on most of the time. I just care about the music

As for knowing or not knowing what was playing, I'd hardly say that the comment served no purpose. Because you responded and now I know not only what was playing, but who was playing it at the time. So even if I didn't know, the fact that you told me means the discussion still would have happened in that case. It's just a note. >_>;

Honestly I think the selection of music on this station overall is excellent. It's by and far my favorite station on that app thus far. Also some DJ's have stuff that I like, like DocMK right now (though I kind of find it weird how it went from metal and rock to techno; maybe it switched while I wasn't looking). Overall, keep up the good work. The music choices are great. I love the density of relaxing instrumentals especially.

22:28 04 Jun 2015

I've been listening for around year and this is my favorite radio station/website. Keep up the good work; I really enjoy the diverse playlist!

23:02 03 Jun 2015

I'll look into finding it for you Nikolai, I would also like to suggest you give IRC or email a try (see our contact us page:

21:32 03 Jun 2015

Hello, I heard this song "At The End of Blue Sky" by Ent playing, I can't seem to find it anywhere, could you tell me where I could get it?
Also is Eden's music database publicly accessible? Like for looking up song names or maybe downloading a few?

13:02 01 Jun 2015

Fuck, just saw the m3u stream. forget that last comment

12:58 01 Jun 2015

Anyone know the audio format? Trying to get stream to work in Clementine.

20:03 31 May 2015

17:28 31 May 2015

It's Masshiro World by Mikakuning! from Mikakunin de Shinkoukei's ED.

17:28 31 May 2015

What is the song playing when I click on MASHIRO?

19:22 27 May 2015

19:13 26 May 2015

Here you go anon.!4MBwzY7K!rtVPjsg01deDZXjj3dFfYiKfB1tQVnjt7qTcvA0x8Tg

23:10 26 May 2015

It's from the second Space Dandy OST

23:10 26 May 2015

Here you go anon.

19:13 26 May 2015

Where can I find this song?
Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro - Seaman's Departure
I heard it in here but can't find it on youtube

13:08 25 May 2015

mrbrole is gay

01:23 25 May 2015

Thanks for the feedback, anon. That was probably me, as I streamed the new Alabama Shakes album in completion (and I announced in advance. You must not have been tuned in, nor realized a DJ was on instead of Bot-sama).

For future reference, when a DJ is on, material is not necessarily going to correlate with what Bot-sama has on usually [which, btw, is most certainly not limited to anime music. We are a radio showcasing relaxing music in general.] It is very obvious when this is happening, as the main page displays a "Current DJ" section always.

As for the criticism toward what's played, I always appreciate constructive feedback. However, the fact that you can't remember what exactly was played is not a good way to drum up discussion on what you'd like to hear. Furthermore, listing that you just opted to listen to a radio station is not an action worth mentioning, at least in my opinion. You are free to make your own choices, but are not required nor recommended to mention that you tuned out for what you didn't like.

All in all, if there's something on Bot-sama you didn't like, let us know and we can look into removing it. If it's something a DJ played that you didn't like, well, I'm sorry to say, but that's the DJ's choice. If you don't like a certain DJ though, please leave feedback detailing why. We're very serious about our image and appreciate all feedback left. Thanks for letting us know.

17:37 24 May 2015

I don't know who the DJ was, but there was someone that put on these obscenely slow American blues(? not sure the genre, may be folk) songs earlier. I don't mind non-Anime being mixed into this per se--though it doesn't make much sense considering this should be an anime station afaik--but that was generally an awful experience and made me switch stations on my app. Just seriously not my thing and it had no variety for the few songs I actually bothered to stick around for. Just the same type of singer rambling on about something or other. Even amongst slow paced bedtime songs, imo those were a bad choice.

Bot-sama is my favorite, with excellent, peaceful instrumental pieces. Occasional rap crap mixed in, but I can deal with it.

22:18 13 May 2015

This is exactly what I needed and I never even knew it. Thanks, guys.

19:50 06 May 2015

I can`t hear anything

02:11 03 May 2015

Timothy, that's an auto-kick that our bot has set to keep out people who are in channels related to the game eRepublik. We used to get a lot of unnecessary spam from bots and users alike, as people seem to think #eden is a room for an area of the game. Basically, you'll get kicked automatically if you are in chats related to eRepublik. Best way to circumvent this is to add #eden as your first channel to join.

03:08 02 May 2015

Does anyone know why Bot-dama keeps kicking me with this message "Bot-sama has kicked yuitimothy from #eden (This channel has nothing to do with erepublik. You want #EDEN.public.)". I'm reasonably sure I haven't disobeyed any rules.
-Timothy (

11:00 01 May 2015

j'adore la musique que vous mettez mais il y a un petit bémol, vous dites qu'il n'y a pas de répétition de chanson mais je ne suis pas de votre avis.
EN effet, a force de l'écouter j' ai remarqué que l'on entendais souvent les mêmes musiques si on écoute toute la journée votre radio , je pense que la méthode aléatoire ne fonctionne pas très bien , il faudrait l'améliorer ou le changer . Pour le reste ne changer c'est super continué

12:42 15 Apr 2015

Hey Anon, thanks for the kind words. Do note where the Bot gets her music from ;)

Basically, we have an ever-growing database of songs that we upload to our server and the Bot's job is to randomly arrange them and play them in a shuffle-type playlist. It's arranged so that everything gets scrambled once and is played out so that there are no repeats for one whole play-through. Then, once all of the songs are played, things are re-shuffled in a random order and played through again.

12:03 13 Apr 2015

Also I'm sort of curious on how the bot works. Is it just randomly picking songs? How many songs you have for it to pick from?

12:01 13 Apr 2015

How can you fuckers have so based taste? Before you are totally overjoyed I must note that the bot has probably the greatest taste of you all.

01:43 13 Apr 2015

It's effortless to get listeners when you appeal to the lowest common denominator.

18:19 12 Apr 2015

16:57 12 Apr 2015

Feels great. I respect Claud and wish only the best for him. Don't forget that even though Eden Radio has its similarities with R/a/dio, we fill our own niche separate from R/a/dio.

16:57 12 Apr 2015

Ne, ne, how does it make you feel that Clauds funposting stream gets more listeners than you?

20:38 11 Apr 2015

Thanks for streaming MrBrawl, it's spectacular.

02:19 09 Apr 2015


07:17 07 Apr 2015

Ich liebe euren Musikgeschmack! Ich erkenne immer etwas entweder aus Spielen oder Animes wieder. Eure Auswahl ist echt abwechselungsreich und schön anzuhören :)
Weiter so!

20:32 06 Apr 2015

Eden radio inspired me to get a girlfriend. Would rape 10/10. Thanks, Eden!

10:07 06 Apr 2015

Great radio to listen to whilst playing some games and doing work.

Some dood
19:40 03 Apr 2015

bot-samamamamamammamamamammamamama is best

13:58 31 Mar 2015

Thank you for this great radio. I love it.

20:35 29 Mar 2015

Casker, nice touch Bot-sama.

19:16 29 Mar 2015

Ryuchi Sakamoto's Merry Chrismas Mr. Lawrence! Oh my, thanks so much guys, you are the best!

13:59 29 Mar 2015

@kikako J'ai déjà eu des plaintes à propos de ses chansons, je ne comprenais pas avant mais ça doit être ça, le kitsch!

09:22 29 Mar 2015

clementine est une chanson en français , elle me fait rire c'est tellement kitch mais elle a beaucoup d'entrains chilala chilala MDR

23:15 25 Mar 2015

Actually, I'm getting word from Supreme Overlord Kittens that Tunein radio is a better app to use. Same procedure; get it and search for us!

11:37 25 Mar 2015

You can listen in on your phone, Anon. Just find us on the Anime Radio app. We're also working on our very own Eden app, still in development. Sorry to hear about all the computer troubles! Been there, done that, sucks ass.

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Zac Zinger - Hunter, Go Forth

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Mooki - This Is My Happiness (Space Channel 5 part2)

Hiroki Mizukami - Keep aLive

Norm Stockton - Tea In The Typhoon

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We're currently having problems with MPD so the stream my go up and come down on randomly, just bear with us please.
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