19:25 26 Mar 2017

Keep it up Snoman. I am almost reaching nirvana :3

14:23 21 Mar 2017

What's up with the stream always being down?

17:15 19 Mar 2017

Is this site dead? No DJs ever go on anymore.

16:31 19 Mar 2017

18:02 12 Mar 2017

You guys have kino taste in music, please update the bot's playlist with more of them :D

The Freeze
22:39 10 Mar 2017

Nice Mr.Brawl. 1St time listener.Long time fan.

22:36 10 Mar 2017

So whats up with Loli? She single?

14:02 10 Mar 2017

I would be nice if the site stored the volume setting into some kind of browser cache.

12:57 08 Mar 2017

Can we separate bot into different genres throughout the day(s)? It's kind of odd going from mozart suddenly to jpop

08:15 01 Mar 2017

Bot cannot handle us anymore!

13:18 22 Feb 2017

Its down please fix

05:50 19 Feb 2017

Thanks for always being there for me when studying and relaxing eden radio <3

12:43 06 Feb 2017

Question, is it possible to get he list of all the songs you have ever played? There were many songs that I forgot to write down and wished to rediscover.

01:01 19 Jan 2017

I hope this website never goes away, it helps me stay on my game when doing my college homework. Keep up the great work

20:11 07 Jan 2017

Never change the, a great change of pace if I'm ever in the mood for something more upbeat than whats currently on.

22:13 06 Jan 2017

fukin shit, it's like autist has no life and is always there. He is the quintessiential DJ.

Jazz > alternative

16:43 06 Jan 2017

doesn't work when i run it through my stapler either, weird

11:24 25 Dec 2016

Dose eden work on flip phones? It won't work on mine.

21:20 08 Dec 2016

This stream has gotten me through studying for some tough finals

Keep it up!

19:57 06 Dec 2016


12:49 04 Dec 2016

Radio is down ;_;


20:29 01 Dec 2016

@Randormie unfortunately most of our "DJ"s just don't have the time to stream anymore. Your best bet to hear a human DJ is Friday night and Saturday afternoon. We're working on recruiting more DJs but it's not going so hot.

04:10 30 Nov 2016

Found this radio today, great stuff.

12:34 25 Nov 2016

I love this radio, but it would be nice to have more active DJS. I don't come here all the time, but it feels like everytime I'm here during the day or not that it's always just bot-sama.

19:33 23 Nov 2016

01:51 19 Nov 2016

I'm going to dump a butt load of fresh beats into Bot-sama's pockets soon if you catch my thrift famalam.

01:51 19 Nov 2016

I think we have between 2000 and 3000 songs, which is literally nothing. It gets updated whenever a DJ feels like putting in a file, which is rarely.

20:59 15 Nov 2016

How big is Bot-sama's playlist and how often is it updated?

08:40 15 Nov 2016

20:38 12 Nov 2016
EST/EDT, as it says at the top of the schedule.

20:38 12 Nov 2016

What time zones is the schedule in?

20:16 01 Nov 2016


01:06 30 Oct 2016

There's a song that doesn't have a name and artist.
Playing right now 1:06 Central Time, Oct 30th.

22:33 29 Oct 2016

Alright, see you there, mate.

20:58 29 Oct 2016

The past two weeks has just had stuff come up for me. This week I was out of town and last week I was fairly busy. I'll be back on track next week though.

09:27 29 Oct 2016

Where are my weekly /a/ threads, Doc

20:18 26 Oct 2016

good stuff. keep doing it.

13:40 10 Oct 2016

music always sets me in a good mood and helps me with my studies now that im a freshman in high school !! thank you very much for maintaining the site !!

15:13 02 Oct 2016

The music is always the right type of mood. I listen to it plenty of times on my own stream and my viewers adore the music and the website.

19:28 01 Oct 2016

I hope all the DJ's are having a good day/night/evening!
I love Eden radio, and listen almost all the time!
Thanks for the good work guys :)

Coolio the Great
23:54 30 Sep 2016

Fantastic selection of songs. Great work Doc.

18:54 18 Sep 2016

It says EST so GMT-5

18:16 18 Sep 2016

Can we have timezones in the schedule please?

Anonymous 1
12:50 17 Sep 2016

La noire please

20:05 15 Sep 2016

mr lose all your listeners recently was hilarious, bring him around more!

20:03 15 Sep 2016

Just found the station, now my favorite!

02:25 13 Sep 2016

Thanks for these sick beats Bot-sama.

18:57 10 Sep 2016

Omedetou, DocMK for the 20 hour stream and 155 peak listeners. <3

15:36 10 Sep 2016

DocMK really stepping it up in the last 2 weeks.

23:17 09 Sep 2016


20:09 08 Sep 2016

Oi, could I get a link to "player," by Origa feat. Heartsdales? I can't find it anywhere with Google.

07:41 06 Sep 2016

feel good

- - -

What do you think of Eden?


dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed


Emancipator - Wolf Drawn






Emancipator - Wolf Drawn

Nijine - Uryuu~!

Jerry Martin - Since We Met

Sandra Hohn - I Miss You Babe


紅い流星 - 時間差ワルツ

玄武 - Ganymede

Hitomi Kuroishi - Pure Feelings

→Pia-no-jaC← - Tchaikovsky Ballet Ongaku Dai-2 Tobari 「Joukei」

ただお - 東方妖々夢 ~ Ancient Temple

Eden Radio is a 24/7 internet radio that streams for various boards, namely /v/ and /a/. If you don't frequent those boards (or don't know what they are), don't worry because we have something for everyone. We stream a variety of music from weeaboo to glorious video games and to even more glorious jazz/classical.

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We're currently having problems with MPD so the stream my go up and come down on randomly, just bear with us please.

06-03-2013 - Stream problems
We're currently having problems with MPD so the stream my go up and come down on randomly, just bear with us please.
15-02-2013 - Beta Site!
You see that thing up there on the top right of the screen? You'd best click it! That's the new site we've been working on in secret, but it's time for some crowd feedback! Play with it! Mess with it! Let us know what you think in the feedback section! Your opinions matter more than anyone! Even Jebus'!
08-02-2013 - Happy Birthday Eden!
It's amazing isn't it? A year and two days ago we first launched Eden Radio, and as of yesterday it marks the the birth of our IRC channel. The feeling of accomplishment just swells within us, there was even a little celebration going on inside of the IRC, Jeebus singing, Santi, Lawrell and I (Kittens) recounting the days before Eden (That's a story for another time), man, I thank everyone for the birthday wishes inside the thread, we thank everyone for the wishes, and with the new site design being worked on, this 'Eden: A History' that I sorta-kinda made a deal about, and a little something extra that I have been thinking of, it seems likely that we have even more in store for the rest of this year. With that said, don't buy a PS4, you'd be better off building a PC for that price, the 'Nextbox' is a step backwards, and this entire 'online only' gaming thing is a joke. Peace love and hairgrease.
08-02-2013 - Happy New Year!
Happy New Year from us here at Eden Radio! We would like to thank you all for bearing with us for the small amount of time that we have been up, it means more than you all know. Today we had some down time due to MySQL work on the host's end an attack on our host's US network, it's made us start planning on setting up a fallback server, or web page at the very least. We've also gotten a potential web developer which is great so we can now get to work on some of the many requests that we have seen in the "Feedback" section (we actually do read those). There is still room for DJs and anyone that would like to help, even if you don't believe you can do anything that would help, just join the IRC and chat with some of us, it's a pretty laid back group when everyone is awake. That's it for this rather long winded update, Hasta luego, Sayonara, peace love and hair grease.

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