12:27 02 Sep 2014

Vassil Kazandjier with the Sophia Symphony Orchestra - "Swan Lake" Musical Ballet: Finale

seems to have a bit of a glitch at the start.

05:25 22 Aug 2014

found the Eden Radio on anime radio app. it pretty nice to have a station play lot of music with different style. love Eden Radio

18:20 18 Aug 2014

Good music. ^_^

20:36 17 Aug 2014

You guys are all I listen to when I get off work. Thanks for the great tunes.

Robin Williams
02:14 12 Aug 2014


03:15 05 Aug 2014

He's back

11:55 24 Jul 2014

<3 bot-sama

srsly not who u sink i am
01:50 14 Jul 2014

/( .?.)\ ??(???)?? /(.?. /)

zady pls
01:14 12 Jul 2014

??_??(- )

srsly not zady
05:47 11 Jul 2014

(??m)? ~??? (/o?)

??? ?
03:35 11 Jul 2014

??? ?

03:01 11 Jul 2014


not even zady
02:06 11 Jul 2014

( ?o?)?(?-? )v

06:45 10 Jul 2014

Aw what a shame, thanks anyways MrBrawl

02:29 09 Jul 2014

( ? ?? ?)

02:24 04 Jul 2014


02:12 04 Jul 2014

( ???)

07:15 02 Jul 2014

If by "source playlist" you mean our database, no.

If you mean seeing the queue and upcoming songs, then no as well, as that would take the fun out of not knowing ans is also impossible with our setup.

06:44 02 Jul 2014

Is there any way to see the source playlist?

20:23 30 Jun 2014

And what would you rather hear instead, anon?

11:48 30 Jun 2014

I like this channel overall, but seriously, there is just WAY TOO MUCH JAZZ. I'm alright with it playing once in a while but there are some days where it just plays nonstop jazz/jazz remixes and it gets tiring quickly.

02:59 26 Jun 2014

I love you inten-sama!

15:55 17 Jun 2014

This is the radio channel I've been searching for my whole life. It's simply perfect - I'm enjoying your playlists 24/7.
Thanks for your awesomeness!!!

As a music recommendation:
You know the Wolf's Rain and Cowboy Bebop Osts but have you also heard von El Cazador de la Bruja and Arjuna!
You should defenetly check it out and let others enjoy that neat stuff!

I love you guys ;D

sage goes in all fields
13:17 17 Jun 2014

Not sure yet if you have these guys in your mix yet but, Soil & Pimp Session is a great japanese death jazz band that would fit in great with some of your more lively jazz.

03:24 17 Jun 2014

I almost made a thread requesting if this site existed, you guys made my study night. I l-love you g-guys~

your local /f/ browser
07:47 10 Jun 2014

Love this site

01:57 09 Jun 2014

I wonder which dj is next to break over 200 listeners.

22:24 06 Jun 2014

greetings from /csgog/
ayy lamo

07:55 06 Jun 2014

"... and face to bloodshed"


04:41 05 Jun 2014

Inten playing some sick anisong

16:21 29 May 2014

some cool shit nigga

03:42 27 May 2014

Nah, he was fine. Keep up the good work Eden-folk!

23:20 26 May 2014

intern sucks.

18:56 20 May 2014

Bot-sama is awesome!

19:58 15 May 2014

In a parallel universe, Eden Radio is hugely successful and listened to by everyone - because they don't fucking play David Koz

04:01 15 May 2014

You shut your fucking mouth, Koukotsu.

22:50 14 May 2014

Hi, I am Koukotsu, lol.

16:58 13 May 2014

no pls DocMK come back. bot-sama is so boring

05:49 13 May 2014

You could have put some kind of a PayPal donate button, you know.

18:41 11 May 2014

Stop playing Dave Koz. Stop.

03:45 08 May 2014

Love this radio, greetings from Ecuador ^^

03:45 08 May 2014

Kyuukei wa Ama Sugiru Kotoba - Welcome to the Nhk Ost (Pearl Kyoudai)

03:53 29 Apr 2014

Join the IRC to be able to favorite songs.

22:42 27 Apr 2014

How to favorites

04:46 20 Apr 2014

( ?)

01:35 20 Apr 2014

yo dis kush so dank

21:27 18 Apr 2014

What's this about Jebus coming back?!

03:33 17 Apr 2014

Why does the it keep crashing when Inten streams?

03:33 15 Apr 2014

this is amazing. Thank you so much. Your music selection is great!!

04:55 13 Apr 2014


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What do you think of Eden?


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Skotein - Into the Hall of Fame






Skotein - Into the Hall of Fame

Warpaint - Love Is to Die

SEATBELTS - Ask DNA (eco.size) / COWBOY BEBOP Movie

jizue - hitorinouta

You & The Explosion Band - Lupin III '80

Shostakovich - Russian Waltz

Nijine - Kore wa..., Ano......Sono......

Ooshima Michiru - Castle in the Mist

ko-ko-ya - nikoretta no koi ~piano solo~

Bivattchee - Taiyou No Mannaka He

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We're currently having problems with MPD so the stream my go up and come down on randomly, just bear with us please.
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