20:54 22 Dec 2014

A mobile app would be awesome. *_*

12:51 20 Dec 2014

found this site on a demo d stream. been listening to it for more than 24 hours straight. 10/10

00:33 20 Dec 2014

App for mobile would be pretty cool although not sure how you guys would handle offline

20:24 13 Dec 2014

Lawrell is my waifu
I really love this radio

05:14 12 Dec 2014

would it be possible to make a app for mobile

18:24 10 Dec 2014

Bot-Sama best dj
u aint got nothing on him, brawl

02:23 10 Dec 2014

Sorry Anon, that's kinda what we're about, but we are diversifying in all directions chill and relaxing.

05:57 08 Dec 2014

there is way too much jazz music being played >_<

18:38 06 Dec 2014

No public database, Anon.

Other Anon, I know right? It's addicting.

14:19 06 Dec 2014

I can't stop playing with that new mute button. Thanks

14:35 02 Dec 2014

Do you have a database of all your songs view-able for the public?

04:33 02 Dec 2014

the most based radion on Earth

17:26 30 Nov 2014

I fucking love johnnygogo cheesy crust.

16:53 30 Nov 2014

I fucking love this radio jesus christ.

22:30 27 Nov 2014

New comment page fucking rocks. Tanx Santiclause; Christmas came early!

22:16 27 Nov 2014

Test comment making sure the new comment page works!

22:13 25 Nov 2014

To the kind anon wishing to donate, thank you! We currently are not accepting any donations however. Maybe in the future, but right now it's strictly the owner keeping this radio alive.

To the other anon, we don't have a playlist available, but we are working on including updates with new addition to Bot-sama every week or so. Stay tuned for more on that!

01:36 20 Nov 2014

I'm quite enjoying this radio. Especially during the jazzy parts. Would there be any way to find a playlist or something as such?

14:30 14 Nov 2014

love this site. I use it as background music while I'm doing work. you should add a donation button. I'd totally throw a little bit at the site to show my appreciation.

01:46 12 Nov 2014

I really enjoy DocMK's DJing. Always a great mix of animu and others.

22:42 11 Nov 2014

It's a chance-based thing, Anon. Bot-sama has access to a database of tunes and randomizes every song in the playlist for one cycle so that each song in the database is played once before a new shuffle cycle begins. So, whatever you're hearing that's not being played by a DJ is pure chance. Glad you're enjoying our songs!

19:15 11 Nov 2014

So nice when the music just happens to strike my mood perfectly... It's been a long day and I'm real tired right now and this soft instrumental stuff right now is real nice and relaxing. I'm curious, do you put up different playlists depending on the time of day or is it just a lucky streak? Either way I just want to say I appreciate you.

17:52 05 Nov 2014

Excelent radio! I hear every day

19:09 02 Nov 2014


22:47 16 Oct 2014

omg brawl

21:01 16 Oct 2014

Keep up the good work Mr. Brawl.

16:25 11 Oct 2014

Let me just say, I love you guys.

Much appreciated!

06:35 11 Oct 2014

05:30 11 Oct 2014

Here's a download link:!lUVyTQZI!kyDFgfgQAxBHU6eAykvp4Az8KylVT_sq98zYEVwqJGA

I have yet to confirm the validity of the metadata and left their original tags since I found this from the OP on niconico.

22:31 10 Oct 2014

If it helps any, they were a two-part acoustic rendition of the Nico Nico Douga Medley.

22:30 10 Oct 2014

There were two songs I heard on your radio, and I can't for the life of my find them anywhere.

They were:
???????? - ?????????????????????


???????? - ????????????????????? Part2.

Could you please point me in the right direction?

18:43 09 Oct 2014


I hear Eden Radio every night while im falling asleep :)
You make a great job, the music is nice! harmony, slow & nice, classic anime openings, gaming music,.. perfect! :D

what would be great, is music from rythm games like cytus :) they would be good for the eden radio concept

greets from germany :D

20:32 07 Oct 2014

You`re doing G-d`s work, Brawl.

01:12 07 Oct 2014

You're welcome, Anon. When I saw that comment a few times, I made it a goal that when I finally had time to do some database addition/subtraction, the first thing I'd do was delete all the Dave Koz. Glad you stuck around!

13:57 06 Oct 2014

Six months ago I asked if this station could stop playing Dave Koz. It seems my prayers have been answered. Long live Eden, god teir radio

13:04 05 Oct 2014

00:16 05 Oct 2014

Thanks for the link. You are so fucking based.

some guy
22:10 04 Oct 2014

just found this place through 8chan

this is pretty cool you guys

17:16 04 Oct 2014

21:09 04 Oct 2014

Here you go,!5IMw1bjC!JwL5yTk1vt-8sEHvWRVXAtbkDQwYPYiHEMk2ER_XQcc

15:04 04 Oct 2014

Lawrell I fucking love you

14:09 04 Oct 2014

Does anyone know where I can find a working torrent/Download of Ryo Fukui's Mellow Dream Album? I have Scenery. Just can't seen to find Mellow Dream.

17:24 02 Oct 2014

23:03 02 Oct 2014

We're listed as "Eden Radio", 23rd from the top.

16:03 02 Oct 2014

I installed anime radio. What station are you guys listed as? I don't see Eden of the west.

23:08 01 Oct 2014

03:39 01 Oct 2014

Yes it can. We are listed in these apps:

Android: Anime Radio
iOS: TuneIn Radio

12:18 01 Oct 2014

I've been listening to you guys while learning Japanese, and it really sets me in the mood. I'm loving all this Jazz and Piano!

20:39 30 Sep 2014

Can your site be streamed from a phone?

19:26 28 Sep 2014

We've been making threads on 8chan and we even have our own board now. Go to to find links to /a/ threads and discuss all things Eden related including anime, vidya, and music.

03:16 27 Sep 2014

It's great, keep it up guys <3

Omega Rhythm
17:25 21 Sep 2014

I've been listening for over a year now and it still is an enjoyable experience.

05:27 02 Sep 2014

Vassil Kazandjier with the Sophia Symphony Orchestra - "Swan Lake" Musical Ballet: Finale

seems to have a bit of a glitch at the start.

22:25 21 Aug 2014

found the Eden Radio on anime radio app. it pretty nice to have a station play lot of music with different style. love Eden Radio

11:20 18 Aug 2014

Good music. ^_^

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Mozart - Overture to 'The Magic Flute'

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We're currently having problems with MPD so the stream my go up and come down on randomly, just bear with us please.
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